Cord Safety

Graber Blinds Cord Safety

Graber has long been a leader in the window cover industry and is consistently making exceptional quality products that also ensure the safety of you and your family. Graber adds safety features to their products to help protect consumers from potentially serious accidents.

  • Cord stops on horizontal blinds that prevent internal cords from slipping 
  • All covers that have lift cords are anchored to the wall
  • Vertical blinds have a control wand - no more cords & chains
  • Cords are kept at a constant length to keep continuous-loop pull cords taut
  • Cordless lift and motorized lift options offer the ultimate safety by eliminating the standard cord that could potentially strangle pets or children.

Motorized window treatments feature cordless control operated remotely with the touch of a button. Can easily download an app and integrate into your total home automation system.

Safety Certified

Graber Blinds cordless control and motorized options have been certified as Best for Kids by an independent lab. Click below for more information.